Work Samples

Animated Videos (Partial Samples)

These example clips use a combination of animated characters and words to playfully and powerfully communicate engaging content. This animation technique is popular for marketing videos, sales or product announcements, and training videos.

Clip of a Time Management Training Promo

Clip from a Leadership video

Clips from a New Hire Orientation video

Clip from a video on Managing Vendors

Whiteboard Videos (Partial Samples)


These video clips use a hand-drawing technique to animate in text and images. With or without audio, it's a simplistic way to convey an impactful message. The whiteboard technique is also a great way to showcase an animated explainer video.

Clip from a Difficult Conversations video

Clip from a video on Firestopping

Photographic Videos (Partial Samples)


These sample video clips blend real photographs and videos into a memorable experience. Graphics are synched to music and/or audio narration, and titles are overlaid throughout.

Clip from an Insurance Benefits video

Clip from a video on Tuscany, Italy