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Work Samples

Animated Videos (Partial Samples)

These example clips use a combination of animated characters and words to playfully and powerfully communicate engaging content. This animation technique is popular for marketing videos, sales or product announcements, and training videos.

Clip from an organization's Welcome video

Clip of a Time Management training promo

Clip from a Leadership video

Clip from a Diversity + Inclusion video

Clips from a New Hire Orientation video

Clip from a video on Managing Vendors

Whiteboard Videos (Partial Samples)


These video clips use a hand-drawing technique to animate in text and images. With or without audio, it's a simplistic way to convey an impactful message. The whiteboard technique is also a great way to showcase an animated explainer video.

Clip from a Difficult Conversations video

Clip from a video on Firestopping

Photographic Videos (Partial Samples)


These sample video clips blend real photographs and videos into a memorable experience. Graphics are synched to music and/or audio narration, and titles are overlaid throughout.

Clip from an Insurance Benefits video

Clip from a video on Tuscany, Italy

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